Life Insurance

Life insurance is one of those financial products that everybody needs but few understand…

How much is enough?                  How does it work?

What kind to I need?                     What do I have when the term is up?

These are just a few of the important questions that I often hear from clients. My answer to all of them is the same… “It depends…” Everyone’s circumstances are different and therefore a conversation is needed to customize a life insurance strategy plan that takes all these variables into consideration.

The first question every client needs to ask is “Do I want his death benefit if I die, or when I die?” The major difference is whether a term or permanent life policy is best for you. If you understand the difference, feel free to use the Ethos Life link below to get a quick quote and then if you like what you see, you can take a few minutes more and apply and get an answer in a few minutes.  If you prefer to get help from an agent, give me a call and I will be pleased to assist.

Ethos Life

Life Insurance made easy.  Quote and Apply in minutes.

No exam or blood work.

Answers right away!


Tax Free Income with Life Insurance

Click here if you interested in learning more about how you can plan for Tax Free retirement income from your Life Insurance policy?

How you can access your Death Benefit while you are alive

Most people have policies with a terminal illness rider that allows you to receive up to 50% of you DB when you are diagnossed with a terminal illness. But many did not know they can access funds for Critical or Chronic illness as well. These are called accellerated death benfits (ADBs)

Does your policy have this provision?

Do you wish it did?

If you are ready to have this very important conversation, please click this link to find a time on my schedule.

David Topor has been assisting clients with their individual Medicare Supplement Insurance questions and choices <strong>since 2009</strong>. &nbsp;He prides himself on being able to <em><strong>simplify a very confusing selection process</strong></em>. &nbsp;David promises to take the necessary time to listen to your questions and explain your choices in a easy to understand manner. &nbsp;As a Independent Agent, David has the ability to get quotes from <em><strong>all major Insurance Companies</strong></em> which will guarantee that the customer gets the best policy available in the market. &nbsp;David is happy to visit clients at their home and encourages other family members to join the meeting if requested. &nbsp;<em><strong>Integrity is very important</strong> </em>to David, and will never pressure a client to make a decision to enroll in a plan. &nbsp;If you would appreciate this kind of personal attention, please <em><strong>call David directly at <a href=”tel:865-441-1794″>865-441-1794</a>.</strong></em> You will be glad you did.

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